Create an Easter door wreath

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Make an Easter door wreath out of cardboard, string or willow!

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Willow branches or bendy stems
PVA glue
String or twine
Tissue paper
One or two plates

Willow Wreath:

  • Take one strand of willow or plant stem and wind it round the plate to get the right size for a door wreath.
  • Take the ends of the stem and gently tie them together and then loop each loose end up and over the side of the wreath to secure them in place.
  • Start the middle of your second stem at the place where you tied your first stems together and wind it round the wreath until you run out of stem. Leave any loose bits sticking out, the more stems you add the stronger your wreath will be.
  • Keep adding stems until you're happy with the look of it. Now you can cut off any stems that are sticking out.
  • Decorate it with ribbons tied in bows, tissue paper balls or flowers, wool pompoms, feathers or whatever you like. Then, take a length of ribbon about 40cm long, tie it to the wreath, and hang it up.

String Door Wreath (small):

  • You can make a small wreath by using string - take about 8 strands of string about 60cm long and ask someone to hold one end of all the string strands.
  • Twist all the strands of string together and put a rubber band around the end to keep it together.
  • Next, put some PVA glue in a bowl with a little water and dip the wreath in and cover it well. As you take it out of the bowl squeeze the excess glue and lay it on a piece of greaseproof paper, untie the ends, overlap them and twist them together. Shape the string into a circle (wreath) and leave it to dry out completely. This may take about a day to fully set.
  • When the wreath is ready, decorate it with feathers, tissue flowers or balls, ribbons or pompoms. Tie a piece of ribbon to the top of your wreath and hang it on a door or in your window.

Cardboard Wreath:

  • You can make a wreath from cardboard from a cereal box or corrugated card by placing a large plate on the card and drawing around the outside.
  • Then take a smaller plate and place it inside the first circle. Cut round both circles to make your wreath shape.
  • Cover the wreath with wrapping paper, paint or paper from a magazine to make a colourful base. Then you can decorate it with sweet papers and foil or anything else that you like.

To make tissue paper flowers:

  1. Take an 8cm square of tissue paper and pinch the middle of the square between your thumb and forefinger.
  2. Twist the middle so that you are left with a small "tail" of tissue which will help you to stick it to your wreath. The outside of your tissue square will look a bit like little petals on a flower.
  3. Make a few flowers in different colours and glue them in place.


To make pompoms:

  1. Take a piece of card and cut a 2.5cm square.
  2. Cut a long length of yellow wool and wrap it round the card until the wool looks quite "fat". When you've done enough, cut the wool and carefully remove it from the card. Tie a piece of wool tightly around the middle of the "fat" wool. Make a good knot and snip off the ends.
  3. You'll now have two sets of loops either side of the knotted wool. Snip the loops, fluff it up and roll it in the palms of your hands to turn it into a little ball.
  4. If you have any orange felt, cut a tiny beak shape out of it and stick it on to the pompom to make a little "chick".
  5. Glue the pompom to your wreath.

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