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Hear about the ideas and ideals behind the Welwyn Garden City and how the town was designed for living, working and playing and see our new exhibition featuring poster designs by Charles Paine. 

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Giving a Home to History

Mill Green Museum is just next door to the mill in the old miller's cottage. It has been home to a museum in one form or another since 1979, offering a wide range of exhibitions and displays that are changed frequently as a way of reimagining and retelling local stories.

A Preserver of Local Treasures

Our extensive collection ranges from photographs, costumes, sound recordings and artefacts relating to the district, all of which have been kindly donated by local people. We are home to the works of famous local artists, including pieces by illustrators Eileen and George Soper and a purchase of 150 caricatures and cartoons of Welwyn Garden City personalities in the 1930's and 1940's, captured by Cyril Hards. We also have material that represents local employers throughout the years, such as Cresta Silks and de Havilland.

The collection also includes building implements, agricultural hand tools and milling equipment. Domestic life is represented by furniture dating from 1870-1960, laundry and cooking utensils, children's toys and family hobbies. Social and community life, local government, royalty, schools, churches and civilian life in wartime are also represented.


You can see a small selection of objects from our collection on the Art UK website, which includes oil paintings and sculptures.


If you wish to donate or loan an object to the museum service please contact us.